Contacting Your Representative
Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 2:56PM

Federal Elected Officials

The Web site will provide you with information about your federally elected officials including the President, your Senators and Representative. Included with the information about the officials and his or her voting record, is an email link for you to communicate with them directly. The site is a bit slow, but the convenience offered is worth the wait.

Pennsylvania Elected Officials

To locate your Pennsylvania State Senator, visit Pennsylvania State Senators.

To locate background and contact information for your Pennsylvania State Representative, visit

When Writing an Elected Official

When writing to elected officials it is important to identify yourself as a constituent or resident of the district that the legislator represents. This can be accomplished by including your name and address in any communication as well as contact information, such as a telephone number, if you would like to be contacted. Remember, elected officials represent your interests and have a responsibility to hear your comments.

Your comments also represent an important sampling of thoughts from the legislative district. Every legislator is interested in grassroots opinion. They keep in close touch with voters in their district. Letters from constituents are one of the best indications of what those constituents are thinking about.

When writing any elected official always keep the letter brief, to the point and be sure to state the action you want your elected official to take on your behalf. Visit the American Civil Liberties Union Web site and read their Tips on Writing to Your Elected Officials for further suggestions.

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